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“Retirement Reimagined” – ADULTHOOD II – Our ULTIMATE Road Trip Continues (still) From The Acadia National Park In Maine – Travel Blog #15 Day 46 On The Road

Posted on August 20, 2015 under Retirement 101, Travel To Learn.

Days Completely “socked-in” with the fog: 1 (Today)

So Guess What Our Big Adventure is going to be? 

But if you’ll notice the signage, the Laundromat is connected to a sports bar, so our luck continues to hold.


This YOUTUBE VIDEO Is ‘a million’ TImes Better Than What I ShotIt’s Long (8 minutes), But Pretty Cool

In Keeping With My Promise To At Least Make An Effort To Have Something Of Substance In Each Of These “travel blogs”, please find below a commencement address given by Toni Morrison.   We thought it was powerful (you can find the whole thing on YOUTUBE).  And, since we are calling this entire trip our entry into ADULTHOOD II, we especially liked her  comments on being an adult.

Toni Morrison on How to Be Your Own Story and Reap the Rewards of Adulthood in a Culture That Fetishizes Youth

In May of 2004, a decade after receiving the Nobel Prize for her “visionary force and poetic import” and shortly after collaborating with her son on a little-known and lovely children’s book, Toni Morrison was invited to Wellesley College to deliver what is both among the greatest commencement addresses of all time and a courageous counterpoint to the entire genre – Morrison defies every graduation cliché with wisdom at once thoroughly grounding and immensely elevating, striking that difficult but crucial balance of critical thinking and hope. Her extraordinary speech, included in the graduation compendium Take This Advice (public library), takes the art of the commencement address to the level of masterpiece – an art of taking what is and has always been true, rotating it 360 degrees with tremendous love and intellectual elegance, and coming back full-circle to the old truth that feels, suddenly, new and fresh and invigorating.  


An Exerpt:

I’m sure you have been told that this is the best time of your life. It may be. But if it’s true that this is the best time of your life, if you have already lived or are now living at this age the best years, or if the next few turn out to be the best, then you have my condolences. Because you’ll want to remain here, stuck in these so-called best years, never maturing, wanting only to look, to feel and be the adolescent that whole industries are devoted to forcing you to remain.

One more flawless article of clothing, one more elaborate toy, the truly perfect diet, the harmless but necessary drug, the almost final elective surgery, the ultimate cosmetic-all designed to maintain hunger for stasis. While children are being eroticized into adults, adults are being exoticized into eternal juvenilia. I know that happiness has been the real, if covert, target of your labors here, your choices of companions, of the profession that you will enter. You deserve it and I want you to gain it, everybody should. But if that’s all you have on your mind, then you do have my sympathy, and if these are indeed the best years of your life, you do have my condolences because there is nothing, believe me, more satisfying, more gratifying than true adulthood. The adulthood that is the span of life before you. The process of becoming one is not inevitable. Its achievement is a difficult beauty, an intensely hard won glory, which commercial forces and cultural vapidity should not be permitted to deprive you

Images From Little Cranberry Island, Acadia National Park, Maine


Miles Traveled:  3657

States “touched”:  12

Provinces’ Touched:  1

Days On the Road:  46

Blog Posts:  15

Status of Marriage:

Chowders Tasted: 7 –  Islesford Dock On Little Cranberry Island Is The ‘Winner In The Clubhouse’

Rainy Days: Still Only 1 Which Is About 38 Fewer Than Our Friends  And Family On The West Coast Of Florida Have “Enjoyed”

Fogged-In Days: 1 (Today; so we did laundry)

Beard Status:  Still Gone

Next Stop:  Olgonquit, Maine On Saturday; Heading Into The Park Tonight To Catch The Sunset and then one final Day To Enjoy Acadia

Hope all is well in your world.

Craig J McConnell

“Entering Adulthood II”


(Continuing to) Make Sales People Memorable
(striving to) Re-imagine Retirement


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