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Life 101: “Reading Is Access To A Better Way Of Life!”

Posted on July 11, 2018 under Life 101.


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A few weeks ago I shared some observations about the potential value some ‘throw-back’ training:  BOOK REPORTS.

Peer-to-Peer learning is a great way to make sure you don’t allow your sales team to decline into mediocrity.  Mediocrity avoidance mandates that you deploy and implement new management tools that motivate, excite, and challenge your sales team – ‘rookies’ and ‘veterans’ alike.  Adding reading a book and giving a book report to your team’s next ‘to do’ list will do just that.

But on a more day to day, perhaps more practical perspective, does it not amaze you how many people DO NOT READ – period?

When folks tell me they don’t read, I automatically jump to my next question:  “Well, what do you  listen (think AUDIBLE) to?”

When I hear they do neither, I am dumbfounded.

Everyone has their reasons. Some say that they don’t have the time.

To me, that is like saying you don’t have time to breathe or eat.

You are constantly filling your mind. It is your choice to decide what to fill it with.

If you have 3 minutes to read the news or scroll Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or ESPN, you also have 3 minutes to read.

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Since more than a quarter of all US Adults didn’t read a book last year, yet watch a few hours of TV per day, those 3 minutes can really make a difference.

If you just read three minutes a day, in a year you would have read for 18 hours. For a slow reading speed of 60 words a minute that is over 3 average sized business books per year! Imagine, 3 books, up from ZERO, on only 3-minutes day.

Could be life changing. You can start today.

Everyone can become a better “reader”. No one is “not good at reading (listening)”, some of us just don’t do it enough.

Reading helps in a variety of ways.

Books can be a source of knowledge. All knowledge is better coming from the source. Find the closest point to the source and soak up that knowledge.

Besides knowledge, there are a few other reasons that reading books can be helpful:

Stress reduction.

Less Stress = Less Anxiety

Reading allows you to step outside of your current problem and look into another world, read the mind of someone else. You can get centered and find balance as you read.

Better vocabulary and writing skills.

The better you express yourself, the more influence you have. Read more so you can do more.

You could live longer.

Yale researchers said so. They studied 3,635 people over the age of 50 and found some incredible correlations. People who read books at least 30 minutes per day lived on average 23 months longer. Now that is awesome. It might not be because of the reading, it might be that people who read are naturally more active, or take better care of their bodies, or have better inter-personal relationships. Or, maybe what they read helped them decide to make better decisions. The actual reason doesn’t really matter, if you read books more, you will probably live a bit longer.

Improved memory.

Not sure if this is proven, I just anecdotally know the people who read the most can remember the most. It is the same with me as well, the more I read, the more I remember.

You could become a bit more open-minded.

Reading helps you see things from different perspectives. By being flexible and adaptable and not always needing closure you can formulate ideas that are traditionally not accepted, thus allowing new opportunities to be born.

Deeper situational awareness.

Your life is made up of intersecting situations. When you read you can see how the storylines, plots, and characters all weave together, and you will be able to notice similar patterns in real life. When you can see the big picture, your actions will always be better.


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And if none of these observations or  suggestions* resonate with you, remember the immortal words of P. J. O’Rourke:  “Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”



Craig J. McConnell
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*in an effort to be transparent, not all of this is my intellectual property, but has been ‘stolen’ over the years  -  would give credit (where credit is due) but I can’t find the original source.


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