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5 P’s: Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance*

Posted on September 12, 2018 under Sales Management 101.

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“Training your employees can pay big dividends.

Sometimes, it’s easy to underestimate just how much it pays.

Consider an employee who is going to work 2000 hours for you this year. It’s not unusual for an organization to spend only 10 or 20 hours training this person–which means about 1% of their annual workload.

How much training would it take for this person to be 10% better at her job? If you invest 100 hours (!) it’ll pay for itself in just six months. There aren’t many investments an organization can make that double in value in a year.

But let’s take it one step further:

Imagine a customer service rep. Fully costed out, it might cost $5 for this person to service a single customer by phone. An untrained rep doesn’t understand the product, or how to engage, or hasn’t been brought up to speed on your systems. As a result, the value delivered in the call is precisely zero (in fact it’s negative, because you’ve disappointed your customer).

On the other hand, the trained rep easily delivers $30 of brand value to the customer, at a cost, as stated, of $5. So, instead of zero value, there’s a profit to the brand of $25. A comparative ROI of infinity.

And of course, the untrained person doesn’t fall into this trap once. Instead, it happens over and over, many times a day.

The short-sighted organization decides it’s ‘saving money’ by cutting back training. After all, the short-term thinking goes, what’s the point of training people if they’re only going to leave. (I’d point out the converse of this–what’s the danger of not training the people who stay?)

It’s tempting to nod in agreement at these obvious cases (or the similar case of getting, or not getting, a great new job based on how skilled you’ve trained yourself to be–again, a huge cliff and difference in return). What’s not so easy is to take responsibility for our own training.

We’ve long passed the point where society and our organization are taking responsibility for what we know and how we approach problems. We need to own it for ourselves.”*

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Craig J. McConnell

(Continuing to) Make Sales People Memorable 

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“It’s Only Your Voice Mail Greeting.” WRONG!!!!

Posted on September 3, 2018 under Attitude Adjusters, Sales 101.

Those of you who have worked with me  know that I can become somewhat maniacal when it comes to stressing the importance of having a good voice mail message (on your mobile device and at the office).

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In many cases, we’re talking about the first (and last?) impression you make on some one you have never met before.  You need to be good and you need to be  ’on’ your game.

Listen you your current voice mail message and ask yourself:  ‘would I call me back?” or is my VM message sending my callers to the competition?

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Here are some basics:

*start with a script,  practice it, record it, listen to it, re-record if you don’t like it

*speak clearly and slowly and keep it under 12 seconds (20-30 words)


*be friendly

*be creative and ‘cool’ and funny (if it’s consistent with who you are); Google it if you need assistance

*change your message bi-weekly

GOAL: make your voice mail message so unique that someone might tell someone else to call you just to hear your message.

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If you’re truly a unique sales person who brings value to your customers, you need a VM message that sets you apart from the crowd.

Make it a great week, always be memorable, pay it forward and remember to smile more often.

Craig McConnell, President, PrintGrowPro/SalesGrowPro

“Great selling is a process artfully done.”

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