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About Print Grow Pro

As an owner or sales manager, you
ask many things OF your sales staff.
But for your organization to be successful,
there are some crucial questions you need
to ask ABOUT your sales staff.

And, if you won’t … I will.


  • Does your sales team prospect effectively and convert cold calls into face-to-face meetings?
  • Can the members of your sales team make a professional presentation to 1 or 100?
  • Does your sales team know how to actively listen and ask questions that lead to new business?
  • Does your sales team fully understand the value and necessity of developing and maintaining a network?
  • Does your sales team comprehend that the growth or your business is tied to their development and hard work?

About PrintGrowPro | SalesGrowPro

PrintGrowPro | SalesGrowPro provides sales management expertise and individual account executive coaching.

We specialize in turning reps who are good at managing  relationships into someone who has the skill sets and motivation to develop new business.

PrintGrowPro | SalesGroPro is a low cost, low risk way to grow profitable sales by making sure your sales team has all the ‘right tools’ and that their progress is measured and monitored.

Please download our: “5 Questions” brochure.

About Craig McConnell

  • 30 + Years of Senior Sales Management Experience
  • Worked with commercial printers large (public, $6.7B, 17 plants) and small (private, $15m, 1 site)
  • Proven track record of teaching reps how to sell programs and solutions vs. “one off” jobs
  • Mentored, coached, and managed more than 250 reps nation wide; trainees to top level ‘hunters’ managing in excess of $20,000,000 annually